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The 1st floor

For your seminars, your group outings or all your events, the Pub puts at your disposal the 1st floor.

A superb room completely renovated and able to accommodate 40 people. With its fully equipped professional kitchen, its bar and its separate toilets, you are independent to celebrate or organize your private or professional events.

Several formulas are available to you according to your needs:

Rental of the cleaning room included: 250 €

Room rental with catering service: €150

Rental "like at the Pub" from 20 people: Free


bouncy castles

For your parties of all kinds, we provide you with several bouncy castles for the enjoyment of young and old alike. Directly delivered to your home and installed by us, they will then be removed by our team. We take care of everything to make your party a success.

Reservations by phone at 0497/78.09.73

Némo 1.jpg
Némo 2.jpg

Nemo: €120

Jungle: €180

chateau jungle 1_edited.jpg
chateau jungle 2.jpg
clochette 2.jpg
clochette 1.jpg

Castle of Tinkle Bell: 180 €

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